Extend the life of your blade X 10
         Now you can
 maintain a razor sharp edge and get 10X the life out of your disposable razor.   What you
        save on razor blades, pays for the RBS Kit over and over again. 
               We tend to think that cutting hair dulls the blade but this is only partially true.    The real villain  is 'Oxidation
        i.e;  corrision.   The water (H2O) and the humid air present in every bathroom, quickly goes to work eating away
        at the finely honed razor edge applied at the factory.   
         Stop scraping hair off trying to stretch one more shave out of a dull blade?
Cuts - Razor Burn - NO MORE !

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    What Makes RBS Special?
  1st.  The suction feature allows you to store your razor near the sink or in the shower while preventing sink clutter and accidental spills.  
   2nd. Bottom vents prevent water contamination  from contacting blade edge.  
    3rd.  The solution is Food Grade Safe and will not clog your razor like mineral and baby oils will.

    4th.  It pays for itself many times over. 

If you have found this site, then maybe you too are tired of throwing your money away on razor blades that go dull in a week or two.  As I type this, I have been using the same blade for 8 months.
Yes, This is Real !  When your razor blade leaves the factory it is coated with a protectorant.  The first time you shave this coating is washed away and the corrosion begins.

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In the Shower
 Over the Sink

(Razor not included)